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Medications That Treat Diabetes

Medications That Treat Diabetes

Currently, there are crowded clashing medications that treat diabetes. Most people who are diagnosed with Type II diabetes are inclined medication instead of insulin. In most cases, a combination of drugs are used. These drugs work with the body to raise insulin production and make it easier for the body to eliminate glucose.

Sulfonylureas are one of the most popular drugs used to treat diabetes. There are several different types of this drug on the market, the supremely popular being Glucotrol. These drugs work by increasing the amount of insulin released from the pancreas. These drugs work well in lowering blood glucose levels but also run a stake of a person developing hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is when the blood smooch level is too low. Because of this potentially dangerous side effect, sulfonylureas are often given with other drugs, most notably Glucophage, or more commonly known as Metformin. This drug works well with Glucotrol as it reduces the amount of glucose in the liver while the Glucotrol increases the amount of insulin in the pancreas. Both medications must be taken prior to meals. Most people who are first diagnosed with Type II diabetes are given this combination of drugs which, when taken now directed, are effective at maintaining a healthy blood glucose lined up.

Another drug that is showing promise in working well with Metformin is Prandin. Prandin also lowers blood glucose levels but at a slower rate than Metformin and has shown good results in studies. Like Glucotrol, Prandin increases the profit of insulin in the body and can also cause hypoglycemia. It is very important for a patient with diabetes to toil with their physician to get the right dosage of each medication and never double a dosage or cut one in half. Prandin cannot produce used in men who are pregnant or nursing children.

Starlix is another drug that works similar to Prandin but does not require adjustments. The dosage remains constant and is also safe to use on those with kidney problems. Starlix is yet another promising drug being used to treat people with Type II Diabetes.

While most medications that treat diabetes increase insulin developed in the pancreas and decrease the glucose in the liver, newer medications are being marketed that distress the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestines. Precose did remarkably well in trial studies in breaking down the carbohydrates in the system, making it easier to eliminate. However, this medication has not done as well as the sulfonlureas, which are considered the best possible medications that treat diabetes at this lifetime. However, for those who are allergic to sulfur, Precose is a good alternate.

Other new medications that are concentrating on ruling the glycemic control in the system include Symlin and Byetta. While these drugs have proven to copy show promise, more testing is needed before they can replace regular therapies.

A diagnosis of Type II diabetes may be frightening for an individual, but there are many different medications available that can keep this disease at bay. It is very important, however, for a patient to be totally complaint in order for these medications to work effectively. It may take increased dosages, lowered dosages or contradistinct combinations of medications in order to get the right balance that leave help you maintain a healthy blood glucose level. This is why it is so chief for an individual to carefully detector their red glucose level throughout the day and keep a record for the physician.

By plan with your physician and reporting symptoms and results of blood glucose monitoring, you can empower yourself to keep your diabetes in check and avoid any complications that are associated with this disease.


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